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GoPro Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Here are a few GoPro tips & tricks for beginners that I’ve learned along the way. As time goes along I will try to add to these and update this page. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment and I will add your suggestion.  Related Topic: GoPro Camera mounting ideas for carsUse a Red Filter […]

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GoPro Fetch Harness Review 2018

GoPro Fetch HarnessThis trending Gopro accessory is now available. The new GoPro Fetch harness can now allow your dog to display its abilities for a different view point. GoPro Fetch dog harness has two mount locations for your GoPro Hero Camera. While one is fitted over the back for over the head shot, the other is […]

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Benefits of Handheld Gimbal for GoPro

Benefits Benefits of Handheld Gimbal for GoPro are well known by youtubers. If you’re frequently in need of recording the action in a sporting activity or the footage of an outdoor event — especially if you’ve been using Normal Handheld Sticks to ensure that your video is stable and of high quality and has been frustrating. Handheld […]

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How does a 3-axis Gimbal Work

Gimbals or stabilizers are some of the most popular GoPro camera accessories, and for good reason. A 3-axis gimbal is used to hold a camera in place and thus helps in image stabilization during active shoots. With this in mind, how does a 3-axis gimbal work? 3-axis Gimbal. GoPro cameras can also benefit with the use […]

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GoPro Hero4 Session Review

GoPro Hero4 SessionAre you looking for an elegant and classy waterproof camera that will guarantee you excellent services? In case you need something modish and stylish, then the GoPro Hero4 Session is the ultimate choice. The camera is designed to provide you quality and reliable services. It features one easy button control that you will […]

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